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Our Children are our Future  

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Children's Computer Center Ltd.

 I would like to see that every child has the same chance at being educated in the use of computers as all of the children in our schools should. With very little research on this problem, you will find that they do not. The truth of the matter is that children that have computers at home are receiving more time from our teachers than the children that do not. This is due to the fact that those children are able to practice what they learn at home and are able to excel in this subject. The children that do not have computers can not compete on a fair scale as the other children.

 Not only do I want to help children with there education but to also cut down on the number of computers that are being dumped in our landfills every day. I hope that this will help the World Ecology.  When people donat their used computers and hardware, it keeps our landfills empty and helps children that could benefit from their use.

 Since I started The Children's Computer Center Ltd. in November of 1998 I have been able to supply over 2,000 computers to not only children but also some adults that have returned to school and have been refered to me by their teachers and some of the people that are employed by the Vermont State agencies that help many of our disabled adults return to school.